Why You Should Get Lingual Braces

Lingual-Braces-Gold-Coast-1The Adult and Lingual Orthodontics journal has described lingual braces as being one of the best aesthetic dental alternatives for those who wish to have their teeth corrected, but without the ugly metal look whenever they try to smile. The main reason is because they come with awesome aesthetic and cosmetic appeal, and they remain virtually invisible.

While adults can have orthodontic treatment such as dental braces and aligners well into their late years, young kids did not previously enjoy such facilities. Today however, children as young as eight years old can now also access orthodontic treatment thanks to the invisible lingual braces.

When Can Screening Be Done For Lingual Braces, Gold Coast?

To get your child’s teeth screened early is necessary as it helps in showing potential problems. This will give the dentist an opportunity to initiate suitable orthodontic treatment before the problems are too serious. The Australian Society of Orthodontists advises that children have an orthodontic test at the age of 7-8 years.

However the most common time for orthodontic treatment is between the ages 11 and 15 years because when the child is 12 in most cases, all of their permanent teeth are in place and therefore any defects can easily be recognized and managed.

What Are The Benefits Of Lingual Braces?

Top among the benefits is that they can conveniently be removed for eating, allowing you to consume your food without any limitations. This is not something enjoyed with conventional metal braces.

With your clear lingual aligners, so long as you’re diligent with oral hygiene in terms of routine brushing or flossing after eating, you should have no complications

Other benefits include:

1. You can greatly boost the functioning and looks of your smile without the associated stigma of a having a noticeable metal clad mouth. It becomes easy to smile more naturally! The new aligners may be removed when you want to eat and for normal dental hygiene care, and then put back afterwards.

2. It will uplift your self esteem while undergoing treatment without having to explain to people. You can undergo the entire treatment course and people will not notice your braces. What a relief!

3. It is possible to control the accumulation of bacteria, plaque acids and other food particles. They are the major factors that lead to teeth decay and other gum diseases.

4. Using clear dental braces prevents you from having to invest huge amounts of money in dental restorations like dental crowns as they greatly reduce the wear caused by badly fitting teeth.

The invisible braces provide you with various options to choose from depending on your particular orthodontic requirements.

Are There Any Disadvantages?

Being positioned behind your teeth brings its own complications and unique challenges. This is because the advanced CAD/CAM technology plus the precision brackets required will cost your orthodontist a bit more than it would when the braces are positioned on the outer side of your teeth.

Compared to standard dental braces, you should expect higher fees due to the precision brackets and trickier adjustments, accompanied by longer treatment durations.